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Simple test benches type MJ for water

Simple benches, Test benches, Water


Test benches type MJS/MJT are used for verifying water meters in flow rate ranges from 0,015 to 10 m3/h with cold or warm water by using the steady start/stop method.

The benches can be equipped with data collecting systems by means of a hand terminal plugged into a PC, with various options of archiving, exporting and printing of statistic data.

Basic parameters of type MJS/MJT :

Flow range (m3/h)0,015 to 20 m3/h
Minimal accuracy0,2 % to 0,4 %
Max. working pressure10 bar
Media temperature (°C)15 to 60 °C
Standards/ Weighing scales150 to 600 kg
Testing tracks1 or 2
Thermometer10 ÷ 60°C


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